Imani and Garth came all the way from Atlanta Georgia in America to get married on the roof top garden at the amazing Merchant Hotel Belfast. Therefore was a stunning backdrop for their intimate celebration.  After the ceremony the couple also jumped the broom thus keeping with an African-American tradition. After the ceremony we walked around Belfast’s famous Cathedral quarter for their portraits.
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Venue: Merchant Hotel Belfast

Makeup: Heather Allen

Flowers: Rosehip and Berry


These pictures were an absolute joy to look at. Her beauty is absolute in and of itself. May the joy reflected here follow them the rest of their days.

Thanks cousin for sharing

The entire ceremony, as captured in the pictures, was absolutely magnificent. I am so happy that you two have now started your lives together. May your union always be blessed with peace, happiness, and joy as your love for each other grows.

I will not cry, I shall not cry. I refuse to cry viewing these delicious photos of your Imani, grown in all her natural beauty.. That little one baby sat by my Imani not so long ago. Congratulations and then some!

Rodney, thank you for sharing these pics. Imani is simply beautiful. The venue and decorations were second only to her beauty. Best of all was the purity, sweetness, depth and sincerity of the love that the photographer was able to capture. All in all….breathtaking!

Rodney, these are the most beautiful pictures of Imani and husband’s wedding. Congratulations to you and your family and know that there wasn’t a dry eye at the wedding

Magnificent Splendid

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!

Congrats Rodney! Well done!


Wonderful affair and a stunning couple! Congratulations!

Simple Beautful Congratulations.


A most glorious and grande ceremony, thanks for sharing cousins. God’s best to each of you. May your marriage reflect his love and the years be filled with bliss.

Incredible!!!! Imani is as always stunning.
Rod believe it or not you look like you might be on beat- for once. Ok maybe twice…
There wa not a frown to be found at this party!!!


Jeannen Whatley-Hill

These are absolutely stunning!! Congratulations guys!! Garth I can’t wait to meet you! Imani xoxo from Tyler, Jordin, Jake and me.

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